Creating Ticket from Vendor Profile Page

When the customer wants to specifically write a ticket to a vendor he can navigate to vendor profile page and then he can create a ticket. 

The process to create the Ticket for vendor

  1. From the top Navigation bar customer can click on CsMarketplace from where he will be redirected to a page where he can check all the Vendor of the Store
  2. Now the customer can check the list of all the vendors and from the left search panel, he can search for the vendor and then click on that to visit a specific vendor shop.
  3. Now the Customer Click on Create a New Ticket, to create a ticket and that ticket will be assigned to the respective vendor.
  4. Now the customer can provide the details and click on Submit Ticket. Now the Ticket will be created and will be assigned to the specific vendor only and then further customer and the respective vendor can communicate further.
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