SQL Report Generator extension by CedCommerce for Magento 2 store facilitates store owners to generate an interactive report from the database. The report helps better understand customer choices and sales patterns, which results in making data-driven decisions.

The extension helps run queries, gets results from the database, and displays reports in tabular form. Moreover, store owners can fetch data related to orders, customers, and products for analysis. Sql report generator, with its easy-to-use interface, compiles an elaborative report and summarizes stored data in columns for further analysis.

   Key Features Of SQL Report Generator Extension

  • The extension helps run SQL queries in Magento 2 and create reports as required.
  • All the Sql reports are saved and managed at the backend,
  • Option for adding a new Sql report or editing the pre-existing Sql report is available.
  • Sql report generator offers an option for adding a custom title for the report.
  • With the help of the column filter option, you can find the required report data quickly.
  • Sql can get the required columns from the Magento 2 database. 
  • The report data can be exported from one database to the other in CSV/Excel format.
  • For the Sql report data read-only database connection is used.
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