The Vendor Support System is a Multivendor addon developed by CedCommerce for Magento 2.x.x is beneficial for all the store owners (admins) and customers (front-end users)as well as (Vendors) on the website. It enables the admin to create a ticket and even assign any ticket to any vendor and enables the customers to create the ticket for support, even the ticket created by a customer is automatically assigned to the vendor.

This addon also available with the strong email notification system. Whenever the time limit of any ticket (as set by the admin) gets expired, then an email is sent automatically to the customer / vendor reminding them about the ticket and even at a various instant.

Admin has the complete control of the entire Support System and vendor have the control of the tickets assigned to them or created through them, and hence can manage all the process and also gets a clear idea of the current status of tickets and conversation has taken place between the agents and the users.

Admin can create any number of departments that can be used at the time of creating a ticket. This addon enables the admin to create a new priority, a new status and provides the authority to restrict the file size. Users can set the priority of their tickets and assign them to the required departments, only if the admin has enabled these features, a customer can also map the #order id to the ticket if enabled by admin.

Admin has the authority to assign agents and department heads to a particular department.


Key Features available for Vendor are as follows:

  • Admin can configure a setting to allow vendors to create tickets from the vendor panel.
  • Vendor and customer can assign Department to the ticket while creating an admin can enable or disable the module.
  • Admin can manage agents and assign agent member to the multiple departments, that can be used in a ticket while assiginig to an agent.
  • All the tickets created from a vendor shop get auto-assigned to the respective vendor.
  • Vendors can create a support ticket from their vendor panel depending upon settings
  • Vendors can update the status of the tickets assigned to them.
  • A vendor will receive email notifications regarding tickets if the setting for the same is enabled by admin.


Key Features available for Customer are as follows:

  • Submit a ticket through Magento 2 contact form and email. It means to send an email to the Support System email gateway. For example,
  • Create a ticket from a specific vendor shop page and can assign to department and link to order.
  • Submit a ticket in the customer account (My Account/Support System/Submit a Ticket).
  • Transparency of conversation by means of proper messages, ticket status and department assigned.
  • Select Department, Set Priority (Normal/Urgent/ASAP) and create a ticket for respective orders, if the admin has enabled the feature.
  • The users can attach multiple files while creating or replying ticket.
  • The guest customers can create a new ticket and also check the status of that ticket.
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