Companies today spend considerable amount of time on planning their marketing strategies but they quite often miss the inbound marketing factor that can help them reach their target customers using their own ‘company created internet content – something that end customers care about the most. That’s where HubSpot takes the reins for all your worries.

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform. It is a marketer and developer of the software products that helps companies plan their inbound marketing strategies. HubSpot provides tools for social media marketing, content management, web analytics, search engine optimization etc for a customized content to attract the end users.

Keeping these factors in mind to help the online sellers, CedCommerce presents the HubSpot Integration for Magento 2 Extension. Using this extension by CedCommerce, the sellers can not only create the customized content for their customer base but can also sync the comprehensive product and details from their Magento 1 admin panel to HubSpot. Result? you can manage your business well by in-depth details of the products.

Glance at its Features-

Product Sync – Sync the product along with its details such as Name, Image, Price, and Description to HubSpot using the HubSpot Connector for your e-commerce store.

Customer Sync – Sync all the customer details from your e-commerce store to HubSpot. The customer details that you may sync are – Email, First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Telephone Number, Street, City, Region, Country, Post Code, and Contact Stage.

Deal Sync – Get all the orders from your e-commerce store synced with HubSpot. The order details that can be synced using HubSpot E-Commerce Integration are – Deal Stage, Deal Name, Closed Won Reason, Closed Lost Reason, Close Date, Amount, Pipeline, Abandoned Cart URL, Discount Amount, Increment ID, Shipment IDs, Tax Amount, and Contact Ids.

Line Item Sync – Sync the Line Items to HubSpot and know in detail about products’ performance – which is being ordered or is high in demand. The HubSpot E-Commerce Integration lets you sync the Product ID, Deal ID, Discount Amount, Quantity, Price, Name, and SKU.

E-Mail – With the HubSpot E-Commerce Integration, you may create the e-mail pattern with personalized content from the HubSpot panel itself and make your presence more prominent amongst your target clientèle.

Marketing Automation – Forget the hassles of e-mail marketing. Operate and experience the automated e-mail marketing from HubSpot panel with the HubSpot E-Commerce Integration, and rely on the self-operating e-mail marketing.

Analytics – Understand your customers’ behavior and purchasing pattern by understanding the analytics from the HubSpot panel. Get the comprehensive details with HubSpot E-Commerce Integration, have deeper insights about your marketplace analytics, and turn it into your forte.

Abandoned Cart Recovery – HubSpot E-Commerce Integration enables you to send emails to the customers from your HubSpot panel in the situation of Abandoned Shopping Cart, to procure the recovery. After a specific time period, communicate with the shoppers through an email to persuade them to take the desired action.

Customer Welcome – On your customers’ first purchase, send the welcome email to them within a specific time period. From you HubSpot panel, initiate the email communication with shoppers once they have completed the buying process, within a definite time period.

Customer Re-engagement – With the HubSpot E-Commerce Integration, re-engage with your customers and draw their attention towards your brand once again. The HubSpot E-Commerce Integration authorizes you to send emails to communicate with your users who haven’t made a purchase with you lately.

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