The Walmart OpenCart Integration extension enables the OpenCart store owner to bypass the complex procedure of uploading products on Walmart through CSV and provides an easy procedure to upload the products directly on Walmart through APIs.

It establishes a synchronization of inventory, price, and other details of the product and order management between the OpenCart store and the Web site.

The Walmart Marketplace is a kind of shopping website that offers significant discounts over other e-commerce Web sites such as eBay, Amazon. Walmart provides a rich set of APIs related to many other features such as sending product information, importing order, and refund generation.

Key features are as follows:

  • User friendly Interface: Provides user friendly interface that delivers bulk management such as Product feed, Inventory feed, and Price feed.
  • Order: Provides Automated order acknowledgement, Auto Reject order, and imports Walmart orders automatically and converts it into regular OpenCart Orders.
  • Inventory: Synchronizes product stock between the OpenCart store and the Walmart marketplace.
  • Product Listing: Provides Bulk product upload feature with synchronized product edits.
  • Refund: Provides easily manageable refund creation process.
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