Mautic Integration for Magento 2  is a seamless communication channel to transfer the customer centric data to Mautic from your Magento Store.

The integration works by storing the critical information fields of customers and segmenting different customers as per their past purchase behaviour as purchase behaviour is the most powerful way to segment your customers by historic value. Some of the crucial benefits of Customer Segmentation are:

  • Identify groups of customers
  • Target them for campaigns
  • Promote repeat purchase and loyalty
  • Defend against attrition/defection
  • Acquire customers who resemble the best ones



Personalized RFM parameters:

All customers and businesses as unique on their own. However, to identify a distinct pool of customers with similar behaviour, segmenting them is quintessential. The extension enables you to segment different customers on the scale ranging from (1-5) where 1 corresponds to poor and 5 corresponds to best. Also, sellers are free to set what works best for them.

Fields Mapping:

This enables sellers to map different customer properties of their Magento store and their Mautic account. Once the desired fields are mapped, the seamless transfer of data sets between two accounts starts.

Create Customer Segmentation:

There are multiple user roles are created in the Integration plugin such as Cart Abandoners, Best Customers, Big Spenders, Lost Cheap Customers, Lost Customers, Low Spenders,

Loyal Customers and others.  Sellers can create these user roles on Mautic software for targeting these customer segments with targeted campaigns.

Create Contact Properties:

The plugin has 60+ contact property fields such as Customer Group/ User role, Accepts Marketing, Shopping Cart Customer ID, Billing City, Last Order Status and, Products Bought. These contact properties are crucial for analyzing customer purchase behaviour.


The sellers can choose the fields, as per their business requirements, to create them on the Mautic. This helps in capturing the most relevant variables so as to increase the efficiency of a targeted campaign.


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