About AliExpress

AliExpress, a prominent online retail platform under the Alibaba Group, boasts a daily visitor count of 20 million from 220 different locations worldwide. Remarkably, it achieved the milestone of garnering 150 million international buyers in just 2.5 years. The platform’s success is attributed to its competitive pricing strategy, drawing in the highest sales volume compared to other marketplaces. With consistently low prices on a wide array of items, AliExpress has become a preferred choice for consumers.

Why is this connector module so crucial for selling on AliExpress from Magento?

The connector module for Magento 2 is vital for selling on AliExpress because it saves you the time and effort of managing two different shops at the same time. It will serve as a valuable solution for Magento store owners aiming to expand their reach on AliExpress. It simplifies the often complex task of synchronizing inventory, pricing, or other product details between the Magento store and AliExpress for efficient management.

What makes this connector module truly appealing is its ability to centralize the entire process. This means you can oversee everything without disrupting your existing workflow. Consequently, it frees up your precious time by reducing manual work and enhances your delivery reliability through automation. 

This guide will take you through each section, option, and setting available in the module that will help you be on top of your business.

Key Features Of The Connector

  • Streamlined Product Upload: The Aliexpress Connector for Magento 2 simplifies the product uploading process, enabling you to effortlessly upload numerous products to the marketplace with just a single click. This eliminates the tedious task of adding products one by one.
  • Template-Based Product Upload: You can use the templates to map the AliExpress attributes with your Magento store’s attributes. It further becomes easier to upload products after assigning them to the template.
  • Detailed Rejected Product Updates: If a product faces rejection on AliExpress due to issues like invalid data, the connector provides comprehensive information, including the specific error causing the problem. This ensures you gain a thorough understanding of the reasons for rejection, allowing you to effectively address and resolve any issues.
  • Automatic Inventory Synchronization: The connector automates inventory updates at regular intervals, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This ensures that inventory statuses and stock levels on the AliExpress marketplace are consistently and accurately updated without manual effort.
  • Streamline Order Processing: The Aliexpress Connector for Magento 2 automates the entire sales and purchase process, from order import to shipment. This streamlines order processing and aggregates a high volume of orders from all connected channels, providing a seamless experience.
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