Overview of the Application

Miravia Marketplace is a popular online shopping destination offering a wide variety of items at very competitive prices. Established with a vision to revolutionize online shopping experiences, Miravia Marketplace has swiftly become a significant player in the e-commerce domain.

The Miravia Magento 2 connector by CedCommerce will help you seamlessly connect your Magento store with the Miravia Marketplace and control different aspects of selling on the marketplace without worries.

How This Guide Will Help You

We present to you Miravia Magento 2 Connector a comprehensive user guide crafted for Magento sellers to walk them through each step of Miravia Magento 2 Connector app to develop an in-depth understanding of uploading products from their Magento store to Miravia marketplace and to effectively manage every aspect of their selling operations.

Let’s Get Started

In this guide you will find complete guidance for the following

  • Install Miravia Module
    Learn step by step to install the Miravia module in your Magento store. It will help you easily navigate through directories to activate the extension.
  • Miravia Wizard Setup
    The Miravia Wizard Setup is a step-by-step procedure to help you flawlessly integrate your Magento store with the Miravia Marketplace.
  • Miravia Account
    The Miravia account section is designed to streamline your online selling experience. It allows you access to the important account details such as Account ID, Title, Active status, Country, Store View, Synchronization, Order Policies, and more.
  • Miravia Policies
    The policies are categorized into distinct types like synchronization, inventory, order, pricing and image. Each serving a specific purpose in defining how different processes of order, inventory, product pricing and product images within your system are executed. The Miravia Policies section allows you to manage and customize policies based on your requirement.
  • Miravia Attributes
    The Magento Attributes section empowers you to seamlessly map and synchronize attributes between the marketplace and your Magento store. It also ensures changes made to attributes on the marketplace are accurately reflected in your Magento store.
  • Miravia Listing Templates
    Under the Miravia Listing section you get to view all the essential details of your product listing templates in a well-organized table.
  • Miravia Products
    In the Miravia Products section, you’ll find a comprehensive list of your Magento store products along with their important details. It also allows you to easily perform various actions on products, such as upload, change status, inventory price sync, and marketplace status sync.
  • Miravia Orders
    The Miravia Orders section is meant to facilitate seamless order imports from the Miravia marketplace to your Magento store. Also allows you to fetch specific orders based on parameters you choose. Moreover, you can export orders to CSV or Excel XML format making it easy for record-keeping.
  • Queue Process
    Queue process showcases the list of products that are supposed to be uploaded on the Miravia Shop in near future.
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