Order Fulfillment is the area in which the e-commerce businesses can perhaps rule over their competition. The capability of faster order shipment at cheaper rates makes a real difference in determining the customer retentivity and loyalty.

The order fulfillment through multiple location requires to build the additional distributions centers in the proximity to the customer address and thus the shipping becomes more efficient.

Since trust on providing deals at cheapest prices, distance optimization is one of the measures besides building bigger baskets and return waive off it takes to achieve its purpose. Hence, it becomes very important for the sellers at to not only price their products in a most competitive manner, but also strategically place inventories of particular products at particular locations. Advanced Jet for Multi Fulfillment enables Jet Magento users to specifically achieve this.

Advance Jet for Multi Fulfillment is an add-on that enables the Jet Magento Integration extension users to fulfill the orders for their products from multiple location or order fulfillment centers.

Key features are as follows:

  • List the Number of Fulfillment Centers: Enables the admin to list the fulfillment centers as per the business need.
  • Decide the Inventory LevelsBased on Fulfillment Centers:Enables the admin to decide the inventory levels for each fulfillment center.
  • Decide the Shipment PricesBased on Fulfillment Centers: Enables the admin to quote different prices of shipment for the products stocked at different distribution centers.
  • Price the Products Based on Fulfillment Centers:Enables the admin to quote different product prices at different distribution centers.
  • Synchronizes the Inventory Based on Fulfillment Centers: Auto Synchronization of the Inventory based on different distribution centers.
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