The MageNative Shopify Mobile App extension is very useful to build the mobile app easily and in a very flexible manner. With the help of the MageNative Shopify Mobile App extension, the store admin can convert the Shopify website into a featured mobile app consisting of all the website functionalities.

MageNative is the Application Development Platform that enables to present the website in the Mobile Application Environment. You can customize the app to match the brand image and publish it to meet the requirements of your customers.

The app displays the product information in a very interactive and fascinating way. This application is compatible with the Android and IOS operating systems.

Key features are as follows:

  • Attractive and User-Friendly Layout: Provides an attractive and user-friendly layout that makes the users to instinctively experience on how to use the interface.
  • Multi-Lingual and RTL Support: It supports multiple languages and the right to left theme. In the right to left theme, writing starts from the right of the page and continues to the left.
  • Synchronization: The app is synchronized with the website.
  • Supports all product type: It supports all type of the products available in the Shopify store.
  • Search: The enhanced search feature is available to search the required product in the app based Name, description, and Category of the product.
  • Barcode And QR Code Reader and Scanner: QR Code Reader is used for Product sharing and easy product search. Barcode Scanner is used for the Real world product search.
  • Push Notification: Using Push Notification, the MageNative Shopify Mobile App sends the user a notification message regarding any new offer or any other app-related messages without the user actually opening the app. The notification is pushed to the mobile to draw the attention of the user towards the latest happening in the app, even when the screen of the tab or mobile is locked, and the app that is pushing the notification is closed.
  • Social Login: A single sign-on technology is used that enables users to authenticate themselves to the MageNative Shopify Mobile App by connecting through a social media, such as Facebook and Google. Thus, offering an option to register, log in with their regular social login ID and password rather than going through the regular process of registration for using the App.
  • Native Payment Gateway: Provides the NATIVE PAYMENT GATEWAYS that makes the application run smoothly and even faster on the transactions performed by the users.
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