Manage Product

On the Left Navigation Bar, Under Products, you can see Manage Product
Manage Product is a place where all your products will get listed with all the product information. App user can view the details of the product such as the product type, SKU, Barcode, Product Status, quantity, price, etc that is currently listed on Walmart and on the Shopify store. You can also edit the product information.

  • You can perform the following tasks:
    • Upload Products: Upload the products to by selecting them.
    • Edit Products: Edit the products information to by selecting them
    • Get Product Status: Get the current status of all the uploaded products from
    • Sync With Shopify: Synchronize the product details from the Shopify store to the App.
    • Retire Products: Remove products from Walmart that you no longer want on
    • Update Price: Send the updated product’s price to
    • Update Inventory: Send the updated product’s inventory to
  • Points To remember
    • All the products having SKUs and Product types are retrieved from the Shopify store to the app. If there is any product with no SKU, then it will not list on Walmart Marketplace Integration app.
    • Each variant must have unique SKU for every product. If any product has duplicate SKU or barcode, then it conflicts with the SKU at the time of product upload.
    • To upload any product on, products must have Barcode (UPC, ISBN-10, GTIN-14, ISBN-13) with it. Admin can add or Update the Barcode(UPC, ISBN-10, ISBN-13, GTIN-14) from the Manage Product section of the Shopify admin panels.
      Note: If you have jewelry products then you can get the barcode exemption by creating the case on Walmart and getting permission to sell the products without the barcode.
    • Product price must be assigned to each product. The seller can update the product price while editing the product from the app.
    • The length of the title of your products must be less than 400 characters.
    • The length of the SKU of your products must be less than 200 characters.
    • The length of the description of your products must be less than 4000 characters.
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