Update Status From Walmart

To sync the product status from Walmart to the integration app

  1. Go to the Walmart Marketplace Integration App.
  2. Click the Product menu.
  3. Click Manage Product.
  4. You can perform “Update Status” for
    • all products at once, or
    • individual product
  5. To perform the “Update Status” for all products at once, click on the “Update Status” button on the top right corner of the Manage Product page.
  6. To perform the “Update Status” for the individual product, select the product by clicking on the checkbox
  7. Then select the “Update Product Status” the “Select bulk action” drop-down, as shown in the below figure
  8. Click on the “Action” button.
    The Sync with Shopify page appears as shown in the following figure:

Note: The seller can select more than one product while performing “Update Product Status” from bulk action.

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