About Amazon MCF

Amazon MCF is a service that enables sellers to fulfill orders from various channels using their inventory stored in Amazon’s fulfillment centers. With MCF, Amazon handles the picking, packing, and shipping of orders placed on other channels, which helps sellers offer fast and reliable fulfillment without having to invest in the complex task of managing their inventory or logistics. MCF includes order tracking, automatic inventory tracking, and customer service support.

About CedCommerce MCF Channel for eBay

CedCommerce MCF Channel for eBay provides a seamless integration solution between your eBay store and Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF). Its purpose is to simplify and streamline the order management and fulfillment processes for eBay sellers who utilize Amazon’s fulfillment network.

This app offers an efficient system for managing and fulfilling orders through Amazon MCF. By bridging the gap between your eBay account and Amazon MCF, the app enables you to optimize your operations, expanding your capabilities while providing customers with a superior experience.

Key Features of the App

  • Order Routing and Tracking: You can easily route orders from eBay to Amazon MCF for fulfillment, while real-time tracking updates keep customers informed about the status of their orders.
  • Industry-leading Functionalities: Implementation of advanced MCF features such as Kitting, Blank box, and Block Amazon Logistics, etc.
  • Early Tracking Number (ETN): A tracking number will be assigned to the orders before their shipment. This tracking number will be accessible to customers on eBay, enhancing their trust & improving their overall shopping journey.
  • Product Linking: Establish a link between your eBay and MCF products using SKU or barcode or both for accurate inventory syncing as well as order management.
  • Blank Box & Block Amazon Logistics: You can enable Blank Box for shipping your orders, which ensures that the order packaging is unbranded and not Amazon-branded. Also, orders can be fulfilled using 3PL instead of Amazon Logistics.
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