Feeds Section

The Feeds section is meant to help sellers know about the status of the action pending from Michaels marketplace. For example, once the action of ‘Product Upload’ is completed from the app, Michaels needs to update it on their site. For each of the actions performed, a unique task id is generated to check the status.

Check the image below:


Here is the explanation of each of the status:



  • All: It shows the total number of Feeds. 
  • Done: It shows completed and approved feeds on Michaels’s end.
  • Pending: It shows the processing or pending approval from Michaels’s end.
  • Cancelled: It shows the refused or cancelled actions on Michaels’s end.


In order to check the status of any action taken, all you need to do is enter the ‘Task id’ in the search bar and check the status.



Also, in order to see the task in detail or download the file, consider clicking on the ‘Action’ button as shown below:



Additionally for syncing the feeds, you can simply click on Sync Feeds button.



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