Overview of the App

Michaels Marketplace

Michaels is a unique marketplace aiming at bringing the creative community on a single platform for the right audience to appreciate and buy creative and handmade products.

The outstanding perks of no fee on listings, Free In-store, and Curbside delivery along with Michaels rewards make this marketplace a suitable place to start an online business even for small and medium-scale businesses. Not to mention, the marketplace delivers best-selling incentives suitable for current customer expectations and trends.

CedCommerce-A promising one-stop e-commerce solution

Over the course of years, CedCommerce has successfully held a significant position in building, scaling, and upgrading businesses of all sizes with remarkable integration solutions across multiple marketplaces and frameworks.

Salient features of Michaels Shopify Integration

Michaels Shopify Integration provides the complete integration solution to the Shopify store owners offering an opportunity to sell their store products on along with managing their orders and return process.
The Michaels Shopify Integration connects with the Michaels marketplace to integrate the products and orders between the Shopify and Michaels retailers. After the installation, the store owner can select Michaels categories and can fill in their respective attributes and the dependent attributes on the Shopify store.

There are several other highlighted features that are mentioned below:

Effortless Feed Optimization

The app assures simplified product listing, update, and upload—no more juggling and switching between the two platforms. In addition, you can optimize product feeds from one centralized place.

Real-time Synchronization

The app synchronizes your Shopify Store product(s) with Michaels. So whenever you make any changes in items such as product title, description, inventory, prices – or receive an order on the marketplace, it gets synchronized in real-time.

Product Category Mapping

The app enables you to map the store’s product categories and attributes of items in bulk with respective Michaels product categories and item attributes.

Quick Product Upload

The app lets you select the products you want to list on Michaels and upload them in one go. It eliminates manual errors and saves time for other essential tasks.

Order Management

It has a centralized order management feature that enables you to keep track of all the orders placed on the Michaels marketplace. Get instant notification on the app whenever an order is placed on the marketplace to prevent delays in fulfillment.

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