Front-end User Panel

There are following two types of front-end users in the Magento 2 store:

  • Registered Users: These users can view the details of all of their RMA requested. Also they can create a new RMA request from their user account. They cannot edit or update any of the information provided while creating the RMA. They can initiate the chat regarding the RMA generated to resolve the problems related to the concerned product.
  • Guest Users: These users can request a new RMA by using the footer link available on the Magento 2 site. The guest users can view their RMA details by using the link provided in the mail.

 Facilities Provided to the Front-end Users:

  • Users can send the RMA request, in the following conditions:
    • When the users have placed the order but not have yet paid for the product, they can send RMA for order cancelation.
    • When the order is placed and also paid for the product, the user can send RMA for refund.
    • When the order is under shipment, the user can send RMA for refund.
  • Registered users can view the RMA details from their account, and the guest users can view the RMA details from the link provided in mails. Users can use a chat box available in the Magento 2 store to enhance the customer-seller relationship.
  • Guest Users can the generate RMA by mentioning their Order Increment Id, and respective email address given during placing the order.
  • Guest Users can request an RMA for selected products and selected quantity for an order.
  • Notifications are saved for each update either in the admin panel or in the vendor panel and are listed date-wise in the user login. Also the notification emails are sent to the users, if the admin enable the settings for the notification.
  • The chat group contains vendor, admin, and the front-end users of the requested RMA. Hence a chat section is provided separately for each RMA. Users can view the vendor and admin as the separate repliers.

The users can perform the following tasks:


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