Lazada Seller/Developer Settings

On clicking, Configuration, the page appears as shown in the following figure:

lazada configuration

  • In the right panel, click the Lazada Seller/Developer Settings tab.
  • The Lazada Seller/Developer Settings tab gets expanded and the relevant fields appear as shown in the following figure:

Lazada seller/developer settings


Now as asked, fill in the requisites that’s in line with your system and take the following steps:

  • In the Enabled list, select Yes
  • In the Mode list, select Live
  • In the Default Service Url list, select the required option
  • In the User Id box, enter the Lazada Seller Account user id
  • In the Api Key box, enter the key value provided by the Lazada Support
  • In Select Store, select the store to which you want to import the Lazada products
  • At last, click the Save Config button to save the entered information
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