Amazon is the largest online retailer in the worldwide. The company was originally a bookseller but has expanded to sell a wide variety of consumer goods and digital media and also its own electronic devices such as the e-book reader, tablet, and many more items that you can sell on amazon.
Amazon Marketplace is an e-commerce platform owned and operated by that enables the third-party sellers to sell new or used products on a fixed-price online marketplace alongside the regular offerings of Amazon. Using Amazon Marketplace, the third-party sellers can gain the access to the customer base of Amazon, and it expands the offerings on its website without having to invest in additional inventory.
Amazon Integration for Magento 2  store is an amazing API integration that helps Magento® 2 store owners to synchronize inventory, price, and other product details for product creation and management between Magento® 2 store and the Amazon marketplace.
The Amazon Integration for Magento 2 Integration extension interacts with the Amazon marketplace to integrate the synchronized product listing between Magento® 2 store and Amazon retailers. After the installation, the merchant can create Amazon categories and the dependent attributes on the Magento® 2 store.
It enables admin to perform product related task such as product upload and product view using bulk management system.
With the help of this extension, the store owners can create a profile in which they can assign the products and then can upload to It enables the Magento store owner to manage the Amazon orders on the Magento stores without making any significant changes in the operational functionalities.
You can boost up your business at Amazon by integrating your store as it interacts with the Amazon APIs to connect your Magento store to the Amazon marketplace and thus, you have the opportunity to cover a wide range of customers.
The Magento® 2 store owners can boost their business at Amazon by integrating their store as it interacts with the Amazon APIs to connect their Magento store to the Amazon marketplace and thus, they have the opportunity to cover a wide range of customers.

Key features are as follows:

  • Cron: Cron jobs automate the process to fetch the Amazon orders from the Amazon marketplace to the Magento® of customers.
  • Debug Mode: Provides easy debug process for hassle-free product upload to the Amazon marketplace.
  • Product Category Mapping: Follow many to one category mapping methodology. Admin can map many categories of Magento® 2 store to a single category of Amazon.
  • Profile Based Products Upload: Admin can create a profile and after assigning the products to the profile can easily upload on Amazon.
  • Simple & Configurable Product Upload: It enables admin to upload both simple & configurable type of product on
  • Auto Acknowledgement of Order: Admin receives an acknowledgement of Orders automatically as soon as orders are created.
  • Automated Synchronization: Auto synchronization of the product listing, order, inventory, return, and refund, and pricing at regular intervals is established between Magento® 2 store and
  • Product Data Validation: The extension enables the admin to validate the product information in accordance with Amazon standard and values.
  • Low Stock Notifications: Whenever the stock diminishes lower than the threshold, a notification is sent informing the status of the same.
  • New Order Notifications: Whenever a new order is fetched from, the admin receives a notification.
  • Rejected products notification: If any product containing some invalid details is rejected, then its information is fetched from the auto synchronization request along with the error due to which it is rejected.
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