Shipment and Cancellation of Jet Orders

Shipment & Cancellation Test of jet Order can be done from the Ship by Jet tab in the Order view page.

Here the merchant needs to enter the following things:

  • Tracking number (*required).
  • Quantity to Ship (*required).

How many quantity Merchant can ship of any item? Its value cannot be greater than Qty Available for Ship.

  • Quantity cancelled (by default 0).
    • How many quantity of an Item Merchant wants to cancel to ship (i.e. reject to ship)?
    • Note: To perform Shipment & cancellation TEST API Call You need to set
    • Quantity to Ship: 0
    • Quantity to Cancel: 1
    • But in Live API Mode You Should not set Quantity to Cancel value grater then 0 (until you want to Cancel Order Item on Jet)
    • Note: Cancelling order will reduce Merchant Performance on Jet
  • Return location address (optional) by selecting ‘Yes’ from the dropdown. It means if customer generates a return request for this order then this product will be returned to the address set in the return location Jet System Configuration Settings.
  • Days to Return (optional).
  • RMA Number (optional).
  • Ship to Date (*required).
  • Expected Delivery Date (*required).
  • Carrier Pick Up Date (*required)

By Clicking on Submit Shipment button

  1. Order Shipment send on
  2. Order Invoice and Shipment will be created automatically in Magento 2.
  3. Order Status will change to Complete on
  4. The status of order will change to Completed into Magento 2.

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