Fill Required Product Information

To upload a product on Jet, go to Jet > Jet Products > Upload Products. If your mapped Magento 2 category has products,  then those products will be listed in this grid.
manage jet products
Now admin has to update following information in each product which he wants to upload on by clicking on its respective Edit link. On Product Edit page, please fill the critical information given below:
  • Click Sync with Jet to synchronize the inventory, price, image of other details.
Critical information for Simple product:
1. The product must be assigned to any mapped Jet category.
2. Brand information is mandatory to be given for each product which has to be filled in tab on Product Edit page.
3. Each product must also have one of the following information: UPC, GTIN – 14,  ISBN – 13, ISBN – 10, EAN or ASIN.
Note: Product can be uploaded on jet with Brand & Manufacture part number but
those products will never be live on so one of the below attribute value is  required for each product on jet.
UPC or
EAN or
GTIN-14 or
ISBN-13 or
On Product Edit Page there exists a button “Sync with Jet” which can be used to synchronize all the updated product information of that particular product on Jet.
Upload Configurable Product accepts the Variation types products in Relational Products right now. So Variation Relation is Similar to Magento 2 Configurable Products.
Note: Please read the Attribute-Mapping-In-Jet-Magento2-Integration.pdf to know the complete process of uploading configurable products. Here is its URL: –
For the process and steps listed below we hope that you must have already gone through the above mentioned PDF file.
Some points are necessary to be followed for uploading configurable products: –
1. Brand Name attribute is mandatory to be given along with either ASIN or any one of Standard product codes UPC, ISBN-10, ISBN-13, and GTIN-14.
2. All the children products of the Configurable product should be assigned to the same jet category.
Brand Name of the Children products should be the same as that of the parent product.
Upload Simple Product
Go to the Jet Product >> Upload Products grid again. Products can be uploaded in 2 ways: either by using Direct API call or by using File Upload process.
Direct API Call: Uploads single product at a time with accurate error reporting.
Bulk Upload: Uploads products in bulk, but has weak error reporting.
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