Fruugo, a global marketplace founded in 2006, sells in countries around the world, including the US, the UK, France, and many more. The platform offers a wide variety of products spanning thousands of brands in 28 languages, 46 countries and 31 currencies. The marketplace offers foreign market insights to its sellers.

With Fruugo Integration for WooCommerce, you can easily integrate your WooCommerce store with the Fruugo marketplace. The extension allows you to bulk upload products and includes a feed generation process. You can set cron and fetch orders automatically as well as sync inventories at a specific time interval. The bulk feature (which can update more than 10k products at a time) allows you to assign profiles to products, upload products based on categories, and update product data with the use of.CSV file.

Key Features-

  • Upload products in bulk by using a bulk action feature and start the feed generation process for all products.
  • Save products automatically to a . CSV file for product counts less than or equal to 200.
  • Set a cron for feed generation on product counts of more than 200. If you select and upload all products, products are divided into groups and presented in multiple files. After all, products are processed, one final feed is generated.
  • The order import process works with an API call. To fetch orders automatically from Fruugo, you will need to set cron. Or you can fetch orders manually.
  • Synchronize inventories on the backend with the help of a cron. The cron will continue the feed generation process and Fruugo will read that feed at a specific time.
  • Upload products by assigning profiles based on categories. You can also update product data by uploading a . CSV file.
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