Overview of the Plugin

AliExpress is a thriving online marketplace that serves as a valuable platform for sellers looking to showcase and sell their products. The platform opens up an extensive market of over 30 million potential customers in Turkey and Europe, making it a prime choice for sellers. What sets AliExpress apart is its dynamic marketing strategies, designed to efficiently acquire and expand the customer base. Moreover, AliExpress provides access to the rapidly growing delivery network known as AliExpress Express, giving sellers a competitive edge in terms of delivery speed. Joining AliExpress means becoming a part of a trusted community of over 250,000 sellers, contributing to Turkey’s first Decacorn. With a remarkable 147.62 million visitors, AliExpress offers significant web traffic that can be leveraged to promote your products and enhance your business presence.

About AliExpress WooCommerce Connector Plugin

The WooCommerce AliExpress connector plugin by CedCommerce connects your WooCommerce Store with the AliExpress marketplace. This plugin creates a channel facilitating the synchronization of product inventory, product details and helps the store admin in managing the product inventory from the WooCommerce store itself. This AliExpress Connector plugin uses the AliExpress API to integrate the WooCommerce store with the AliExpress marketplace.
This plugin simplifies listing your products and integrates with AliExpress Marketplace. Also, when a sale happens, it automatically syncs inventory and avoids overselling with the support of a threshold inventory limit. Sync product status, and inventory levels across WooCommerce and AliExpress, enabling operational efficiency. CedCommerce’s connector plugin is dedicated to simplifying your selling on AliExpress from the WooCommerce store.

Key Features Of The Plugin

  • Automated Listings: Automate catalog listings on AliExpress. Sync the plugin with your WooCommerce store, and any update on your WooCommerce store will be reflected in the plugin. Upload and list products on the AliExpress marketplace in bulk or individually in just a few clicks.
  • Product Management: Use the plugin to filter, enrich, and optimize product details to ensure error-free listings on AliExpress Marketplace. Product management enables you to add additional details to your descriptions so you can enrich product information and help buyers understand the product better.
  • Real-Time Synchronization: Essential product information such as price, inventory, and product details are synced in near real-time between your WooCommerce store and AliExpress.
  • Template-Based Product Management: Our plugin simplifies your product management. Create the category templates and group your products into them, and accordingly, you can manage them all at once with the selected template and rules.
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