Lazada marketplace is a perfect example of “effortless shopping” in a nutshell. Boasting a reach of 560 million customers- Lazada Marketplace an Internet-based group is one of the finest “one-stop” shops. It has been tactfully acquired by the prime locations of SouthEast Asia namely- Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam. Thus, being the number “one” shopping and selling platform across the SouthEast Asian region. Its is a lucrative marketplace. It is the dream of every online seller to gain the highest possible sales. Above all, Lazada gives you ample opportunity to fulfill your dream.

Lazada Integration For WooCommerce

Lazada Integration for Woocommerce is the plugin that allows the sellers to connect the Lazada store with the Woocommerce store. It allows the seller to reach a wide range of audiences. The sellers can easily export their products from WooCommerce to Lazada Marketplace. This integration provides a number of services through which the sellers can automate their selling process and sync the price, inventory, and order between WooCommerce and the Lazada marketplace.

Features of the extension are as follows:

  • Profile-based Product Upload: Enables the admin to create the Profiles and assign it to the products to automate the product upload.
  • Creation of WooCommerce Orders: The newly placed orders on the Lazada Web site are automatically created in the WooCommerce store with all the required details as it is on the Lazada Web site.
  • Error Notification: If an error occurs while product uploading, then it gets listed on the page.
  • Status Notification: It updates the store owners about the current status of the product on the Lazada website, such as whether it is UNDER REVIEW or LIVE.
  • Synchronized Product Editing: Besides adding the products, any product information changes made on the WooCommerce store reflects on the Lazada.
  • Bulk Upload System: The merchant has the flexibility to upload any number of products on the Lazada Web site using bulk product upload feature.
  • Product Category Mapping: Follows many-to-one category mapping philosophy. Admin can map many categories of the WooCommerce store to the single category of Lazada.
  • Synchronized Inventory and Profile Based Pricing: Inventory Synchronization at regular intervals. A product listing is established between WooCommerce and Lazada. Profile-based price increase or decrease.
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