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Profiles are used to save our plugin users from manual work by allowing them to fill the product-level data, required for the product to be listed on Lazada, once your upload the products by grouping them under a profile based on the category to which they belong. Lazada Marketplace requires a lot of data for it’s listing’s but we have made it easy by specifying the data fields which are mandatory for the product to be able to list on Lazada. These fields have Required text in front of them.
We have also made it possible to use your global attributes at the profile level by mapping them with the respective profile data field. To do so, just select the attributes from the dropdown corresponding to the profile field.

Viewing The Profile

To view a profile, place your mouse over the Profile Name, and click on the view link which pops up. Upon clicking view, you will be redirected to a page that will have different sections and some fields in each section as mentioned in the screenshot:
Lazada Integration For WooCommerce
On hitting View, a page will appear which must be having some specific details mentioned below-

General Details

In this, there is some field which must be filled by the store owners related to the product.

  • Size Format- In size format, the store owners are required to fill the size formats of their products.
  • Markup Type- Under this, you will select if you want the rates on Lazada to increase or decrease or remain constant
  • Markup Price- In this, you will fix the amount of money that you want to alter from the rates of the original listing to show a final rate on Lazada.
  • Conversion Rate- Here you will select from which to which currency you want to convert your rates.

Category Specific

In this, there is some field related to the category which must be filled by the store owners. There are some mandatory fields that will have Required written in front of them and the fields that are not mentioned as required can be skipped by store owners but if they provide the data to those fields it will increase their store SEO on Lazada. Category Specific fields differ by Lazada Category. After selecting the games category some of them are-

    • Platform
    • Warranty Type,
    • Seller SKU,
    • Quantity,
    • Brand,
    • Price,
    • Package Weight,
    • Package Length,
    • Package Height,

Lazada Integration For WooCommerce
Once you had provided the above information, hit the “SAVE” button and save all the data filled by you in the profiling section.

Deleting The Profile

As mentioned in the above screenshot, hit on “DELETE” to delete the profile. This will lead to the unmapping of the profile from the store Category of products to which the profile was assigned.
Lazada Integration For WooCommerce

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