Wish shopping app has more than 100 million active users on Android and iOS platforms. The app offers a personalized user experience driven by their earlier user visits and curates the listing for the future usage.

The Marketplace Boasts Of 300 million active users of around the world. Wish currently promotes the products of over 100,000 sellers.

The Wish Marketplace Integration app interacts with Wish to integrate the synchronized product listing between the Shopify and Wish Marketplace.


Key Features Are As Follows:

  • Bulk Upload System: Admin has the flexibility to upload any number of products on using the bulk product upload feature.


  • Automated Shipment Process: Admin can automate the shipment process with any shipping medium if installed, else, the merchant can ship the product manually as usual.


  • Order Management: When an order is placed on, it is automatically fetched on the app and then synced to Shopify store. Once the order is fulfilled by the admin from the Shopify store, the tracking details are synced on the app and thereafter the order status is reflected on the Wish marketplace.


  • Complete Synchronization: Establishes an auto-synchronization of the product and order at regular intervals between Shopify and


  • Inventory Syncing: Whenever there is an update in the inventory of your products either at the store or at the marketplace, this feature will ensure real-time inventory syncing.


  • Threshold Inventory: With this feature, the admin is able to set the threshold limit for his inventory. Means, whenever the number of inventory available at the Wish marketplace drops below the limit set on the app, proper alert notification is generated to aware the admin to create inventory for the same.


  • Error Notification: For all the failed Product Uploads, corresponding errors appear. It enables the store owner to view the errors and rectify them to re-upload the products immediately.


  • Selective Product Syncing: There is an option with the admin to select the product attributes he wants to sync from Shopify and deselect the ones he doesn’t want the app to sync from Shopify store.


Now we will move further to the Installation of Wish Marketplace Integration App. 

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