Wish is an online marketplace launched to bring an affordable and entertaining mobile shopping experience to billions of consumers worldwide. Through it, third-party merchants can sell their products to the platform’s customers around the world. Wish has its headquarters in San Francisco, United States and was founded back in 2010. Moreover, Wish is a highly growing mobile-first online marketplace that allows shoppers to browse and buy items from third-party sellers.

With offices around the globe, Wish is one of the largest cross-border eCommerce marketplaces. Wish is one of the largest global eCommerce marketplaces, connecting over 70 million consumers in more than 60+ countries.

Features Of CedCommerce Wish Integration app:

CedCommerce, the Official Development Partner of the Wish marketplace, offers an integration app enabling Shopify sellers to connect their stores with and move the products from their Shopify store to Wish, and also manage orders received from

The Wish integration app developed by CedCommerce is meant to help sellers integrate their Shopify store with Wish Marketplace. The app seamlessly synchronizes products, orders, pricing, and returns between the store and marketplace.

The unmatched features offered through the Wish Integration app ensure merchants’ automated selling experience on Merchants can easily install the app from the Shopify App Store and sync their Shopify store with in just a few clicks.

The key features of the Wish-Shopify Integration App

Real-time Synchronization
For a seamless selling experience, the Wish Integration app facilitates real-time syncing. It means when you are selling on as well as on your Shopify store, the updates related to inventory or orders will be in real-time. The app will reflect the same results on both platforms.

Simplified Listing
The integration app simplifies your task of listing products on the Wish marketplace, making it quick and easy. Not just this, whether it is product attribute mapping, setting prices, shipping templates, or managing returns, everything is easily handled on the Wish Seller panel and without much hassle.

Order Management
The centralized order management feature of this app enables sellers to manage orders from one single admin place. It eliminates the need to go back and forth for order acknowledgment or cancellation between the Shopify store and Wish Seller Panel. The order is automatically created in your store as soon as placed on

One-click Bulk Upload
Get all the products uploaded on the Wish marketplace in one go. Also, the feature saves your precious time for other essential tasks.

Threshold Inventory
The feature allows you to set a limit for your products. Whenever the product’s inventory is equal or less than that threshold limit, sellers will instantly receive a notification on their admin panel, and buyers won’t be able to purchase the products, saving merchants from going out of stock and affecting their seller performance.

Product Boost Compatibility
The Wish Integration app is compatible with Wish’s Product Boost Campaign. That means sellers can easily create a campaign by selecting the desired budget. This feature is essential for all sellers seeking ways to boost their sales at double pace.

Tickets & Infraction
The feature allows sellers to sync and track tickets generated for problems or issues on Furthermore, sellers can also keep a check on the infractions imposed on their products on the Wish marketplace.

Custom Pricing
The custom pricing feature of the Wish Integration app ensures sellers to set prices for their products on according to their preferences. In other words, the feature allows you to increase or decrease the cost of your products at any time.

Multiple Warehouse Management
The integration app is compatible with Express warehouse managing, i.e., sellers can easily manage multiple express warehouses from one admin panel. It eliminates the need to track each warehouse individually.

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