Best Buy Canada online marketplace extends the visibility of online sellers in Canada. It increases the traffic on your website to one of the largest traffic sites in Canada. Best Buy’s marketplace gives you access to over 225 million visitors per year, with 18.5 million visitors every month to their Canadian domain.

Best Buy Canada provides Online sellers a chance to increase their sales without building a costly e-commerce website.

Online sellers using seller panel of Best Buy Canada can have full control over inventory, pricing, and assortment. The information you will give to Best Buy Canada will only be given to Best Buy Marketplace and Customers will only view details of your Store, Products and Offers you give.


Online Sellers can connect their stores with Best Buy Canada Marketplace by:

  • Directly through seller panel
  • Online sellers can upload offer through CSV, XML, and XLSX
  • Or upload offers through API

Best Buy Canada Integration App provides complete integration solution to the Shopify store owners offering an opportunity to sell their store products on Best Buy Canada marketplace. This solution enables the store owner to synchronize the inventory and price between the Shopify store and Best Buy Canada Marketplace.



There are some requirements for Best Buy Canada Marketplace:

1. If you are a seller then, fill out the store set up form in excel and submit to Best Buy Canada for approval.

2. Best Buy Canada sets up the store with basic information such as Contact Details and store name.

3. After that, You will receive a registration email from Best Buy Canada and enroll in Western Union for Electronic Funds Transfer.

4. Fill in the rest of the store set-up by updating information.

5. After that, you can start uploading products and offers.


List of Required Attributes:

  • Category Code: It is the code in which you will list your products.
  • Shop Sku: The Shop sku limit is 30 Characters.
  • Title BB (EN): The main title describing the product. It can be in an Open text field and the limit should be less than 126 characters.
  • Brand Name: The Brand of the product. Open text field and the limit is 20 characters.
  • Carry In Warranty Days: Manufacturer’s labor warranty in days – Integer field.
  • Manufacturer’s Part Number: It can be in an Open text field and the limit is 30 characters.
  • Model Number: Manufacturer’s model number can be in an Open text field and the limit is 20 characters.
  • Parts Warranty Days: Manufacturer’s parts warranty in days – Integer field.
  • Primary UPC: Product’s Universal Product Code. Must be either 12 or 13 digits.
  • Short Description BB (EN): A single paragraph that describes the product in 500 characters or fewer. Introduce the product and call out a couple of key features and their benefits – 400 characters text field.
  • Seller Image URL: Direct image URL links, multiple links separated by a pipe (|) without spaces.


Key Features:

  • Automated Shipment Process: Admin can automate the shipment process with Shipstation and Shipwork if installed, else, the merchant can ship the product manually as usual.
  • Order Acknowledgement:  Admin receives an acknowledgement of Orders automatically as soon as orders are created.
  • Complete Synchronization: Establishes an auto-synchronization of the order and inventory at regular intervals between Shopify and Best Buy Canada.
  • Order Sync: If the seller doesn’t want to sync the orders in Store then the seller can OFF the order syncing. The app will sync the orders from Best Buy Canada into the app but will not create it onto the store.
  • Shopify Orders Creation: The newly placed orders on Best Buy Canada are automatically created in the Shopify store with all the required details as it is on Best Buy Canada.
  • Error Notification: For all the failed products upload, corresponding errors appear. It enables the store owner to view the errors, rectify them to re-upload the products immediately.
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