Using the Categories Section

Customize the Category grid for a personalized view

  • Go to the Categories section under the Catalog from the navigation panel.
  • Find the Customize grid button available in the right corner of the page, next to the filter option.
  • Select the options you wish to view on the categories grid by ticking the checkboxes for respective options. Below you can find the different categories’ details for viewing.
    • Category Id
    • Category
    • User Id
    • Supplier
    • Description
    • Country
    • Requested At
    • Email
    • Domain
    • Status
    • Action

Filter and find a specific category

  • Go to the categories option available under the Catalog section on the navigation panel.
  • Find the filter option available in the right corner of the page and click on it.
  • A dialogue box appears that lets you select the filter you wish to apply to products. The options available to you include:
    • Id
    • Supplier
    • Status
    • Source
  • Enter the required information concerning the selected option and perform the filter action by clicking on the Apply Filter button.

Performing actions on the categories grid?

The app lets you view all the details related to the categories available on the grid as well as edit certain details like Category Name and Description for each category.

View Category & Changing Category Status on Marketplace

To view the category details you can click on the View button available in the right corner under the Actions section as shown in the image above.

Clicking on the view button lets you view details related to the respective category available on the grid letting you view their current status, Vendor, and Category ID among other details. You can also edit certain details like Category Name and Category Description by selecting the Edit option from the dropdown.

The category grid lets you delete and disapprove categories on the marketplace. The product status that can be set includes,

  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Approve
  • Disapprove

Perform bulk action on categories

  • Go to the categories grid.
  • Select the categories by ticking the checkbox for the required products.
  • From the actions drop-down that appears on top of the category grid select the action, you wish to perform.
  • Once you’ve selected the preferred action, you want to perform on the categories, a dialogue box appears requesting you to confirm the action.
  • Click Approve/Disapprove/Reject to confirm the action.

Create a new category

  • Go to the categories subsection available under the catalog section.
  • Look for the create category button available on the top right corner of the categories page.
  • Enter the category name and add its description.
  • Click on the Create button to complete the process of category creation.
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