Edit details of an existing Product

The Edit Product page lets you edit the product details as per your needs. Here you can edit the following details for each product and view specific details for them.

To edit the basic details of a product uploaded by a supplier, you need to visit the Catalog section from the navigation bar.

  • Search for the required product by performing the filter action.
  • Once done, click on the View button for the respective product. You can find the view button under the Actions tab of the product grid.
  • A new page opens up that lets you edit the details of the products.

To create a new product, you need to go to the Catalog section from the navigation bar.

  • Click on the Create Product button. You can find the button in the top left corner of the product grid.
  • A new page opens up that lets you create a new product for the marketplace.

On the edit/create a product page, you can edit/create the following details of the product.


You can enter the desired name for the product here. The app lets you edit the title for products that the supplier store has uploaded before listing them on Marketplace.


The product description also gets uploaded by the supplier with each product. You can either use the same description or add/remove a few pointers per the Marketplace requirements.


The app shows you the main display pic set for the products uploaded to the marketplace by the supplier. You can add more images to the products by adding images before uploading them to the Marketplace.

Editing details for the Variants

Variant Title

The section lets you view the title assigned to the product variant. You can view and edit the title as per your requirement here.

Inventory Details

The app imports and shows you the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) detail, the Barcode (ISBN, UPC, GTIN, etc.) assigned to each product, and their quantity levels as made available by the supplier


The app lets you modify the price for the items by manually entering a new price for each product. For instance, suppose a supplier entered a product that sells for $10 on their store that needs to get sold at a higher price, say $12 on the Marketplace. You can manually enter the new price for the respective product here.

Miscellaneous Information

The app displays the added information to any product that has been assigned to it by the supplier which includes the following:

  • Organization Information: The section displays the product information based on the TYPE assigned to it.
  • Collection: Lets you assign the product under a collection type on the marketplace. For instance, assigning sweatshirts to the collection of Clothes.
  • Tags: The section gives you an option to add or remove tags assigned to the product before/after listing them on the marketplace.
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