Creating and managing subscriptions and getting a detailed overview of catalog limits, active status, and suppliers becomes easy through the app. The section also shows the active subscriptions for all the suppliers selling on the marketplace.


The Plans section lets you view, modify and create all the plans that you have created for your suppliers.


The Subscriptions section lets you view all the suppliers who have subscribed to your plans along with various details related to their subscriptions like catalog limits, active status, price, and validity among others.

Creating a new Subscription Plan

  • Go to the Membership section on the navigation bar.
  • Click on the Add Panel available in the top right corner of the screen. A new dialog box will appear.
  • Enter the details required to create a Plan like Plan code, Plan name, Description, catalog size, price, and other information. You can also create a plan for selective candidates or create a plan for all the suppliers selling on your marketplace.
  • Click Save.

Customize the grid for a personalized view

  • Go to the Subscription section.
  • Find the Customize grid button available in the right corner of the page, next to the filter option.
  • Select the options you wish to view on the product grid by ticking the checkboxes for respective attributes. Below you can find the different details to enable/disable from appearing on the subscription grid.
    • ID
    • Subscription ID
    • Name
    • Suppliers
    • Subscribed At
    • Renewed At
    • Validity
    • Status
    • Action

How to filter and find a specific subscription?

  • Go to the Subscription section.
  • Find the filter option available in the right corner of the page and click on it.
  • A dialogue box appears that lets you select the filter you wish to apply. The options available to you include:
    • Id
    • Subscription ID
    • Name
    • Supplier
    • Status
  • Enter the required information with respect to the selected option and perform the filter action by clicking on the Apply Filter button.
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