Using the Product Section

The product section provides you with options to perform various actions on the products uploaded to the Marketplace.

Create Product

You can manually create products on the app and push them to the marketplace. You need to click on the Create Product button to start the process.

CSV product Import and Export of product

Export Products

The app lets you update your product details in bulk by exporting the list in CSV format.

  • Click on the Export Products button.
  • A dialogue box will open.
  • Click on the Export CSV button to download the CSV file.

Import Products

Make the changes in the product details for the selected columns of the CSV. Once the desired changes have been implemented on the sheet you are ready to import the CSV file to reflect the same on the products available on the app.

Note: It is advised to use the CSV function for suppliers that have a large catalog to be imported

  • Click on the Import CSV button.
  • Select the Add files option to find and select the required CSV file from your computer.
  • Once done click on the Import CSV button.

The file will be imported and the changes will start reflecting on the products available on the app.

Customize the Product grid for a personalized view

  • Go to the products section.
  • Find the Customize grid button available in the right corner of the page, next to the filter option.
  • Select the options you wish to view on the product grid by ticking the checkboxes for respective attributes. Below you can find the details to enable/disable from appearing on the product grid.
    • ID
    • Image
    • Suppliers
    • Source
    • Inventory
    • Type
    • Status

Filter and find a specific product

  • Go to the Product section.
  • Find the filter option available in the right corner of the page and click on it.
  • A dialogue box appears that lets you select the filter you wish to apply to products. The options available to you include:
    • Title
    • Id
    • Supplier
    • Status
    • Source
  • Enter the required information concerning the selected option and perform the filter action by clicking on the Apply Filter button.

Actions to be performed on the Product Grid

The app lets you view all the details related to the products available on the product grid as well as edit certain details like Product Title, Description, Images, and Variants among a few.

#1. View Supplier Details

Click on the name of the supplier for the respective product displayed on the grid you want the details for. Once you click on the supplier’s name you’ll be taken to the Supplier details page where you can view the complete details of the supplier.

#2. View Product & Changing Product Status on Marketplace

To view the product details you can click on the View button available in the right corner under the Actions section as shown in the image above.

Clicking on the view button lets you view details related to the products available on the product grid. You can also edit certain details like Product Title, Description, Images, Variants

The product grid lets you enable and disable products on the marketplace. You can also reject a product based on the permissions & terms and conditions of the marketplace.

The product status that can be set includes,

  • Enable
  • Disable
  • Reject

Perform bulk action on product status

  • Go to the product grid.
  • Select the products by ticking the checkbox for the required products.
  • From the actions drop-down that appears on top of the product grid, select the action, you wish to perform.
  • Once you’ve selected the preferred action you want to perform on the products, a dialogue box appears requesting you to confirm the action.
  • Click Enable/Disable/Reject to confirm the action.
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