Pricing Templates

View the existing pricing templates or create a new one. To create a pricing template enter the following details:

i) Template Name: Enter the template name of your choice.

 Round off price: You can choose to round off your product prices by enabling this option.

ii) Configurations: From here, you can choose the method for selling your products as eBay allows selling products at a fixed price or you can auction your products.


Format(Listing Type): Either select “Fixed Price” or “Auction-Style” for your products.

If you choose “Fixed Price”, the following price listing format will open up:

In this price listing format, you can choose one of the following pricing options:


1) Custom price: From here, you can increase/decrease the prices of your products either by a fixed value or a percentage.


2) Flat price: This is the fixed price that you can set for your product.


3) Default: On selecting this option, the price of the product, as available on Shopify, will be fetched.




If you choose auction-style, the following price listing format will open up:

a) Start price: This is the price at which bidding of your product will start.


b) Buy it now price: By specifying a ‘Buy It Now’ price, a seller is allowing prospective buyers the opportunity to purchase the item in the auction listing at this price immediately. When a buyer uses the ‘Buy It Now’ option to purchase the item, the auction listing will end immediately.

The “Buy It Now’ price should at least be 30% above the start price.


c) Reserve price: The lowest price at which a seller is willing to sell an auction item. (Reserve price must be greater than start price).

“Auction-Style”, the following format will appear:

In Auction-Style, you can put your products out for bidding.


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