Rakuten Marketplace Integration App has been developed with a view to helping Shopify sellers easily list and manage their Shopify products on Rakuten.

The app comes with the following features:

1) Seamless Product Listing: Upload your products in a bulk through CSV on Rakuten Marketplace and carry out changes in the product listings – title, description, quantity, etc.


2) Efficient Order Acknowledgement: As soon as you receive orders on Rakuten, the orders are synced with the app and then they are created on Shopify store so that you can easily manage your orders by confirming it on your store.


3) Easy Price Customization: The app makes the task of setting prices for your products easy. You can set the desired prices and adjust them periodically as per requirements.


4) Regular Rakuten Feeds: Get regular notifications from your Marketplace (Rakuten) about the status of your products. This helps you to keep track of successful orders, failed orders, etc.


5) Threshold Inventory Setup: You can set a minimum quantity for your products so that you get updated as soon as your products are on the verge of going out of stock. This will help you from overselling.


6) Auto Cancellation Of Orders: The app automatically cancels the orders as soon as the product has gone out of stock so that you do not receive a warning of “late delivery” for any of your orders.


This doc has an elaborative description to help you through the following:

1) Onboarding process of the app
2)  Exploration of the Dashboard
3) Product Management through the app
4) Profiling
5) Order Management through the app
6) Discovering the help section
7) Settings

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