Inventory Template

You can see the existing inventory templates (as created on eBay). You can create a new inventory template to manage your Shopify products well on the app as well as on eBay.

i) Template Name: Enter the template name as per your choice.

ii) Fixed Inventory: You can give a fixed value to the products (that will be assigned this template) if you do not want to manage product quantity on Shopify.

iii) Send lower Inventory: The option helps to the original value of inventory when it is lower than fixed inventory.

iv) Threshold Inventory: Set a minimum quantity to the product that will use a particular template. Once a product reaches its minimum value, it will be shown as “out of stock”. The app also provides you the option to delete such products.

v) Delete out of stock product: This option helps to end those products from eBay which are out of stock on Shopify.

vi) Customize inventory: The option helps you to customize the inventory by increased or decreased value.

vii) Quantity restriction per buyer: You can fix the quantity of a product that you want to offer to each buyer. For example- if you enter 2 as Quantity restriction per buyer in a template, then all the products that will be assigned this template can be purchased by a single buyer just twice.

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