Category Templates

You can view the number of existing category templates and the details about them. You can also create a new Category Template to suit your needs.

To create a new Template, you must fill the following fields:

i) Template Name: We provide flexibility to let you assign the desired name to the templates. You can choose a name as per your convenience.


ii) Primary Category Mapping: We have listed all the available eBay categories for you to assign to your products. Also, you can search for the desired category using the “Category Search” Bar.

You can assign categories up to 6 levels to be very specific about your product category.

Additional Information: eBay provides all the relevant details related to the category such as Best offer enabled, Variations enabled, ISBN, UPC, EAN, etc.

Attribute Mapping

i) Required Attributes: Product attributes define the important and relevant facts about a product. Attributes include things such as Brand, MPN, size type, size, color, and style.
The app maps your eBay required attributes with Shopify attributes by default (automapping).
For instance: Brand with vendor and MPN with SKU.

ii) Optional Attributes: eBay allows you to add optional attributes to your products, thus we have provided the option to add optional attributes for your products.

iii) Custom Attributes:  If you want to add more attributes to your products the app allows you to add the custom attributes to your products.

Bundle Listings: A bundle is a collection of products that are sold together for a single price. Each individual product is purchased separately and have their own product record, cost price, and sale price. From the Bundle listing option, you can list your products in multiple quantity packs on eBay.

Product Condition: The seller can choose any one of the following options from the dropdown to tell about his product condition.

eBay Store Front Category: You can also select your eBay store categories or sub-categories to help you, buyers’ fine the products easily in your eBay shop.

Variation Image Settings:  if you want to send variation images then please select the attribute which you want to use for variation images.

iii) Secondary Category Mapping:
You can also execute Secondary Category Mapping by clicking on the “Enable secondary category” as shown in the figure below.
eBay allows you to sell a product in two different categories. Thus, we have provided the option to choose an additional category, apart from the primary category.


Note- 1) If the category selected by you has variants, then the checkbox adjacent to the “Variations enabled” will appear auto-ticked.
2) If any or all the checkboxes adjacent to the options- Best offer enabled, ISBN enabled, UPC enabled & EAN enabled appear auto-ticked, that means ISBN, UPC or/& EAN is required for the products falling in that category.
In case, you do not have them, we automatically allow them on eBay with a Does Not Apply message.
3) If a category assigned by you to any product has attributes, you can map them to Shopify attributes, eBay recommendations or even to custom attributes through our app.

Let’s introduce you to each of these attributes:

1) Shopify attributes: These are the Shopify characteristics of your products to define your product.
2) eBay recommendation: If you don’t find any relevant attribute on Shopify to map with eBay attribute then you can set values from eBay recommendations which are provided by eBay.
3) Custom value: if you don’t find your desired values in the eBay recommendation list, then you can also set a custom value for that attribute.

You can choose the categories suitable for your products from the recommendations(as available on eBay) as well.

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