Newegg is the most popular among the sellers of computer and peripherals industry and is the preferred choice for them. It is also popular for the lowest commission rates. Being the leading company in consumer electronics and computer-related products, Newegg facilitates the sellers to grow their business through increasing their sales in this area.

Newegg B2B Integration for Magento 2 connects the Magento stores with Newegg B2B marketplace and enables the store sellers to sell their consumer electronics and computer related products on Newegg. It enables the Magento sellers to perform the operations such as uploading product information, importing orders, etc through a single centralised dashboard.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Account Management- You can easily manage multiple Newegg B2B seller accounts through a single centralised dashboard.
  • Profile Based Product Upload- Enables you to create profiles and then based on the created profiles upload the products in bulk.
  • Bulk Product Upload- The products can be uploaded in bulk in just a single click saving your time and effort.
  • Automated Order Management-  The orders are automatically acknowledged and imported to Magento, making the order management process easier for you.
  • Cron Scheduler- With the help of the crons, the inventory, price syncing is automated at regular intervals of time, keeping the store updated.
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