Wallet to Bank Transfer

Wallet extension is enriched with one of the best features that will allow a customer to request the admin to transfer their wallet amount to their bank account. To request this customer need to follow the following step from the store frontend after getting a login to there customer account

Customer Login < My Account < My Wallet

Now the customer click on “Request Amount in Bank” to send the request to admin

After customer fill the detail that detail is sent to admin, and admin can check the Bank account Transfer request by navigating to

Account < Wallet < Bank Transfer Request

Now from here admin can check the detail of customer and provide the Action to the request by a customer for wallet amount withdrawal. Admin can provide comment and update the status of the request as Approved or Disapproved.

When the admin has successfully accepted the customer’s request to redeem the wallet amount to the Bank account, Now the customer from his panel can check the update from wallet transaction table.

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