Assign A Ticket

To assign a ticket

  1. Go to the Admin panel.
  2. On the left navigation bar, click the SUPPORT SYSTEM menu.
    The menu appears as shown in the following figure:
  3. Click Tickets Information.
    The Ticket Information page appears as shown in the following figure:
    All the available tickets appear on this page. The admin can view all the tickets details at one glance.
  4. Scroll down to the row of the required ticket.
  5. In Assign column of the respective row, click the Assign link.
    A page appears as shown in the following figure:
  6. In the Agent list, select the agent to whom the ticket is assigned.
  7. In the Priority list, select the priority of the ticket.
  8. In the Description box, enter the ticket description in detail.
    • Click the Show/Hide button to show or hide the editor respectively.
  9. Click the Assign button.
    The ticket is assigned to the selected agent with the defined priority and a success message appears on the Ticket Information page. The changes made are reflected on the page.
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