Vendor Product Attribute Addon developed for Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension enables the vendors (Sellers) to create their own attributes and assign them to the Attribute set being provided to them. These attributes appear for all the products, which are created using this attribute set. These attributes can be of type Text area, Text field, Date, Yes/No, Multiple Select, dropdown, Price, and Media Image.

The vendors now have the power to manage the functionalities of their Attribute Sets without the intervention of the admin. They can view only the attributes created by them and can also edit or delete them as per need.

The attribute code cannot be edited as it requires a unique value so that it can be differentiated from other attributes.


Key Features are as follows:

  • Custom Product Attributes: Provides the facility to create additional fields in the product to enter more information.
  • List of Product Attributes: Enables the vendors and the admins to display all the created product attributes at a single place.
  • Edit or Delete the Attributes: Enables the vendors to modify the already created attributes as per the need.
  • Easily Searchable Attributes: Search fields Help to find the required attributes and hence speeds up the required attributes finding process.
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