Vendor Product Addon developed for Magento 2 Multi vendor extension enables the vendors (sellers) to create the Configurable, the Bundle, and the Grouped products. Also, it provides the custom options to the simple, the virtual, and the downloadable products.
The Vendor Product add-on for Magento 2 Marketplace enables the vendors to have the similar kind of facility as the admin (store owner) has to create the products. This add-on enables the admin to create the required attribute sets available to the vendors to create the products.

Prerequisites: CedCommerce Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace extension.

Apart from the vendor product creation, the add-on has the several other features, which are the key features. A few of them are as follows:

  • Simultaneous Mass Image Upload.
  • Product Custom Options.
  • Default Magento 2 Pricing such as tier prices, group prices, and special prices.
  • Default Inventory Settings such as the Maximum Quantity allowed in a shopping cart, the backorders feature, and the Quantity increments.
  • Dynamic SKU generation.
  • Dynamic Weight of the products.
  • Dynamic Price in case of the special type of products.

Now to elaborate the main features of the add-on, here is the detailed explanation of each:

  • Add All Product Types: With the Multi vendor Marketplace Basic extension, the vendors can only create the Simple products, the Downloadable products, and the Virtual products. But, with the Vendor Product add-on, the vendors can create all the types of the products that include Configurable, Bundle, and Grouped.

    Vendors have the facility to add variants to their products by creating Configurable Products and differentiating them with the help of attributes such as Size, Color, and so on. They can also create a bundle of products they want to sell together as they cannot sell them individually. They can also sell a group of similar products as a combo offer.

  • Custom Options: Vendors can also add custom options to their products if the product comes in different styles, sizes, and so on. Admin can create the required attribute set available to the vendors to create products. For example, if there is a simple product, which is available in 3 sizes such as Small, Medium, and Large, then the vendors can add these values as custom options to the product and make it available at the front-end to the user to select the required size of the product.

  • Allowed Attributes: Through the configuration settings, the admin can create only the required attribute set available to the vendors to create the products. If the admin has created 4 attribute sets and wants to provide 2 of them to the vendor product creation, then the vendor can select those attribute sets from the required configuration settings.

    But, this is applicable to all the vendors. This is useful when the admin wants the vendors to provide the extra details with their products those the admin wants to review.

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