Lazada Category

With the Lazada Magento 2 Product Importer, you may import the categories available on Lazada to your Magento.

  • For that:
  • You need to place the cursor on the left navigation bar of your Admin panel and click on Lazada Product Importer. In doing so, you get the options and out of those, you need to click on the Category.

lazada category

  • Now click on the Import button on the right corner of the page and all the Lazada categories will be imported.

lazada category

  • You may see here the Category Id, Category Name, and Category Path of the already imported categories.
  • Also, if there is a new category created on Lazada, you may fetch it on your Magento store by simply clicking the same Import button and the new category will be imported in-sync with the existing categories on your Magento.

With these categories, it becomes easy for you as a merchant to integrate or feature your product at an E-Commerce marketplace or your Magento store respectively.

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