Jet Refund

If a customer returns that product/order directly to the merchant without the involvement of, then the merchant needs to send a request on for completing this type of return. To manage this type of return there is a panel ‘Jet Refund’.

  • Click Refund and you’ll be navigated to a page as shown below:

jet refund

  • Click Add New Refund button to create a new Refund.
  • Click Get Updated Refund Status button to get Updated Refund Status immediately.
  • If any product will be returned directly to the merchant, then to complete this return the merchant needs to click on ‘Create New Refund’ button.

  • The respective order details get displayed item-wise in the new section (s) that gets listed below.
  • Click on the “Add” button adjacent to the SKU tab to display the form shown below.

  • Refund id: Refund id that the merchant will get from
  • Refund Merchant Id: Merchant id of the merchant.
  • Order item id: Item id that has been ordered.
  • Qty Requested: Total items ordered in the current order.
  • Qty Already Refunded: Items which have been already refunded to the customer.
  • Qty Available for Refund: Number of items which can be refunded.
  • Qty Returned: Total quantity returned by the customer (should be <= shipped qty).
  • Qty Refunded: Qty which the merchant wants to refund (should be <= returned qty).
  • Refund tax: Tax applied on the products returned.
  • Refund Amount: Amount that jet has to return to the customer.
  • Refund Shipping Cost: Shipping cost applied on the returned product.
  • Refund Shipping tax: Shipping tax applied on the returned product.
  • Refund Feedback: Merchant’s feedback about the returned product.
  • Refund Reason: Reason why customer has returned the product.
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