The online platform used by manufacturers and distributors is Amazon Vendor Central. It helps vendors to concentrate on the most crucial thing that is selling, and Amazon itself takes care of the rest.

 This Magento extension for Amazon Vendor Direct Fulfilment helps you in managing the purchase orders and Shipment through a single centralized dashboard. The orders are sent to the Amazon vendor to the Magento store and vice-versa.

Key Features:

  • Purchase Order: The integration enables the vendors to fetch the purchase orders information through API to the Magento 2 admin panel.
  • Generation of Labels: If an order is imported then for that order the label will be generated in Amazon.
  • Label Download Ability: Enables you to easily download and print labels in bulk through the created zip file.
  • Automated Shipment: When an order is marked shipped on Magento store then its status will automatically be marked as Shipped on Amazon also.
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