Google Shopping is a service by Google allowing customers to search, view, and compare products. It was launched as Froogle on February 12, 2002. Google Shopping is a service and program that allows customers to search, compare and shop for physical products across different retailers who have paid to advertise their products. For the longest time, around a decade to be more accurate, Google Shopping was simply a place where products were simply indexed based on Keywords.
Magento Integration for Google Shopping Feed is a solution for sellers to help boost their business growth. This innovative integration is the tool for all the sellers to automate their selling process with its exclusive features. Uploading your products, managing inventory, and much more is possible on a single dashboard with this handy tool.

Key Features:

  • The sellers can easily upload/update products in bulk on the Google Shopping marketplace.
  • The sellers can easily manage simple products easily via profiles with Google Shopping Feed integration.
  • The feed section helps sellers to track the products sent to Google.
  • Managing multiple google account stores from a single Magento 2 store is now much easier.
  • The embedded crons automatically synchronize the inventory and price of the products at a regular interval of time.
  • Deleting of product in bulk is now easier with the Google Shopping Feed integration for Magento
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