Referral Transaction List

The Referral Transaction List page displays the transaction details of the user.

To view the transaction details

  1. Go to the Affiliate panel.
  2. In the left navigation panel, click the Referral Transaction List menu.
    The Referral Transaction List page appears as shown in the following figure:
    The Referral Transaction List page displays the following details:

    • Description: Displays the description of the transaction held such as:
      • Referral Reward For – <Front-end user email Id>: Displays the email-Id of the user who had made a purchase on any product, and thus the amount credited based on denomination rules and referral program.
      • Discount Coupon Generated <Coupon Code>: Indicates the transaction held due to generating the coupon code, and thus the amount debited from the earned commission balance.
    • Amount: Displays the amount credited due to Referral Reward or debited due to generating the coupon code.
    • Transaction Type: Displays the transaction type, whether CREDITED or DEBITED.
    • Date: Displays the transaction date.



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