Payout/Discount Coupon

On the Payout Discount Coupon page, the affiliate user can generate the coupon codes from the total referral earned amount to use it while online shopping.

To generate discount coupon

  1. Go to the Affiliate panel.
  2. In the left navigation panel, click the Payout/Discount Coupon menu.
    The Payout Discount Coupon section appears as shown in the following figure:
    The page displays the following information:

    • Current Balance: The total earned commission based on referrals.
    • A table consisting of the following information:
      • Coupon Code: The generated Coupon code.
      • Amount: The discount amount for which the affiliate user has created the coupon code. Applicable as per the Denomination Rules defined by the admin.
      • Created At: Date when the affiliate user has generated the coupon code.
      • Valid Till: Validity period of the coupon code.
      • Status: Status of the coupon code: whether the coupon is used or not.
      • Purchase Required: The purchase amount or the Cart amount on which the coupon code is applicable. Applicable as per the Denomination Rules defined by the admin.
  3. To generate a coupon code, do the following steps:
    1. Under Generate Discount Coupon, in the Discount Coupon list, select the required discount amount to generate the coupon for.
    2. Click the Submit button.
      The coupon code is generated and listed in the coupon code details table.


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