SMSA Express has set new heights in the courier service sector. The service came into existence in 1994 and served in Saudi Arabia. Since then, it has grown and created a robust business network that has supported tens of thousands of businesses and individuals.
SMSA Express has successfully established itself as an ideal logistics partner. The services include international and domestic express transportation, road, shore, and air freight, customs clearance, e-commerce solutions, special services for the health care sector, special delivery channel, mailroom management, and a broad spectrum of other benefits.
The WooCommerce SMSA Shipping extension allows store owners to use SMSA as a shipping tool for their goods. The admin gets to customize the shipping price, which will be visible to customers during the checkout process. Administrators can also use this module to create a tracking number and improve their business.

Features of Extension are as follows:

1. Admin has a setting to enable or disable this shipping method.

2. A tracking number will be generated for each shipment.

3. Admin can cancel the shipment once generated.

4. Admin can also print the Shipping label.

5. An invoice can also be generated for the shipment.

6. This shipping method works only for Saudi Arabia.

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