Shopee established itself as a sea company in the year 2015. The marketplace has expanded its reach South-Eastern region of Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, and the Philippines. Along with the South-East region. Shopee has marked its presence in other areas, including Brazil and Mexico.
It is a platform designed specifically for the area, offering customers an easy, convenient, and quick online shopping experience with substantial payment and logistical support. Shopee aspires to improve its platform regularly to become the region’s preferred e-commerce destination. Shopee offers a diverse range of products, including consumer electronics, home & living, health & beauty, and baby & toy fitness equipment and fashion.

Key Features

  • Automated and Simplified Listing: Manually uploading items is a time-consuming process. You can conveniently upload all of your items at once with this plugin. Based on your current WooCommerce inventory data, you can also set different pricing, delivery rules, and product information for Shopee listings.
  • Product Category Mapping: It allows you to map your WooCommerce store product categories to the Shopee Marketplace. An essential and based on the category mapping, a profile is built for you, including all WooCommerce items identified under that category.
  • Profile-Based Product Upload: It allows you to upload a product with a specific profile that maps the categories.
  • Bulk Upload System: You can upload items in bulk by choosing all of them at once and performing an upload action on them.
  • Automated Synchronization: It will be simple to synchronize your order, inventory, product listing, and pricing between your store and the Shopee marketplace on a regular basis.
    Synchronization on the basis of SKU: If the shopee and WooCommerce SKUs are the same, the product will sync based on the SKU.
  • Product preview option: Sellers can see your items before they go live on Shopee using the product preview feature. Before the product goes live, you can review the descriptions, product images, and other information and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Real-time and regular sync of product data: The plugin allows you to monitor your goods in real-time and daily. Brand synchronization enables you to keep the stores up to date while avoiding overselling.
    In-built product importer: This feature helps sellers to integrate all Shopee items into their WooCommerce store seamlessly. The Shopee integration links current Shopee listings to the items in your WooCommerce catalog that are similar.
  • Centralized Order Management: Bring your Shopee orders into your WooCommerce store and handle them from one central location. Directly receive order notifications from the Shopee marketplace to your WooCommerce store, and manage everything from WooCommerce.
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