Overstock, a marketplace launched in 2002, works around the concept of keeping its buyers and sellers first.

It deals in categories such as Home decor, furniture, Apparel, fashion & beauty products, Electronic and more. Thus, it provides a fair platform for the sellers wishing to sell in almost any niche.

One of the best-known marketplaces of the U.S, Canada, Australia and more countries, it plans to expand itself globally to provide its sellers with worldwide recognition. With its simple interface, it provides for customers to navigate for as long as they desire before they settle themselves for that “perfect purchase.”

Overstock serves as a competitive yet reasonable marketplace that prioritizes the quality of products so that each purchase feels like a treat to the buyers.

Having come up with an Integration app to connect this marketplace with Shopify has been a wonderful experience for CedCommerce.


Role of Overstock Marketplace Integration app:

To facilitate selling at, CedCommerce offers an integration app enabling Shopify sellers to connect their stores with, move the products from their Shopify store to Overstock and manage orders that they receive from


1. All the data in one-go at

With this app simply choose the products you want to list on and upload them in one go. Not only this, map the product categories and Shipping template of items in Bulk with respective Overstock product categories and shipping regions. Also, you can enter the value of inventory, barcodes, prices of the items in bulk through the CSV upload method.

2. All the changes in Real-time

The app synchronizes your Shopify Store with, so whenever you make any changes in items – Product Information Change, Inventory status updates – or, receive orders from Everything is synchronized in real-time.

3. Get Instant Notifications

For every order that you will receive from Overstock, you will receive a notification email. Also, if you want the notification for fewer inventory products then you can get that on your App Dashboard. 

4. Inventory Threshold

Set a limit on the inventory under which you want the product to be shown as Out-of-Stock on the Marketplace. This will help users to avoid the situation of getting orders for 0 inventory.

5. Shipping Template

You can create the Shipping template on the global level or at the product level.

6. Category Template

You can create the Category template on the global level or at the product level to map your products from Shopify with the categories from Overstock.

7. Manage Order

With this app, you can easily manage orders and ship the in-stock products. The order will automatically get created on your store and as soon as you will ship the order from your store, shipping details will get synced to the Overstock Marketplace.


You can always find the latest version of the software, full documentation, demos, screenshots and reviews at

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