Newegg is one of the biggest marketplaces for selling your tech gadgets and electronic products and has more than 10.5 million products. It has earned the loyalty of tech enthusiasts and mainstream e-shoppers, with more than 25 million registered users. The buyer persona found on Newegg are tech-savvy (18-35), Men’s (25-60+), Women’s (25-55), Housewives (24-40). It Operates in countries of Asia Pacific, Western Europe, North America, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle & East Africa.

The NeweggBusiness is a marketplace dedicated to business buyers and focuses mainly on small to large businesses, education, and government. It is separate from the regular consumer Newegg marketplace. Here are some differences related to buying on NeweggBusiness.

  • Companies are eligible for volume discounts, which are not offered on the consumer website.
  • The NeweggBusiness comes with an extraordinary feature of Providing companies with a Primary Account under which multiple user accounts can be made.
  • Companies have access to the purchase history of all the user accounts, which makes managing budget easy.
  • NeweggBusiness also offers multiple payment options, including wire transfer, prepaid check, and Net 30 Terms, allowing customers to defer payment up to 30 days.
  • NeweggBusiness can ship with LTL trucking as well to help customers save money on shipping large orders.

These advantages make NeweggBusiness an attractive market for businesses and, in turn, an excellent opportunity for merchants to market to large-purchase customers.

Role of NeweggBusiness Marketplace Integration app:

To facilitate selling at NeweggBusiness, CedCommerce, the official channel integration partner of Newegg, offers an integration app enabling Shopify sellers to connect their stores with NeweggBusiness and move the products from their Shopify store to NeweggBusiness and manage orders that they receive from the same.

Bulk product upload

If you want to update or upload products in bulk, the app provides the import/export CSV feature, allowing the user to perform the bulk action.

Real-Time Synchronization

The app synchronizes your Shopify Store with NeweggBusiness, so whenever you make any changes in items – Product Information Change, Inventory status updates – or receive orders from NeweggBusiness, everything is synchronized in real-time.

Perform Changes In Easy Manner

The app enables you to perform changes in product prices, inventory status, and availability. You will get an easy process to do all things.

Notifications And Updates

Get instant notifications and updates for every Order and for every product that is about to get Out of stock. If there would be any change in the app process and latest updates from NeweggBusiness, you will get an instant update and notification accordingly.

Get Newegg Feeds

Get the Newegg feeds and understand your products’ actual status on NeweggBusiness, and know the exact reason for your products not listing on NeweggBusiness.

Custom Pricing

You can modify the price of items being offered at NeweggBusiness. With Product custom pricing, you can increase or decrease the costs of all the items by a fixed amount – the price gets increased or reduced with the same amount or, through a fixed percentage, the price gets increased or decreased by a fixed rate.

Auto Cancel Orders

The app is providing you a feature through which your order can be automatically canceled. If you don’t have the inventory or SKU of some product, your orders will be auto-canceled with this feature.

Threshold Inventory

Set a limit for the inventory of your products and get notifications of low stock on your dashboard. This will help you to manage your inventory in your Shopify store.

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