Marketplace Transactions

How to filter and find a specific transaction?

  • Go to the Transaction section from the navigation bar.
  • Now, find the filter option available in the right corner of the page and click on it.
  • A dialogue box appears that lets you select the filter you wish to apply to find the required result. The options available to you for filtering orders include:
    • Transaction ID
    • Marketplace Fee
    • Created at Date
    • Service tax

Customize the rating grid for a personalized view

  • Go to the Transaction section on the navigation bar.
  • Find the Customize grid button available in the right corner of the page, next to the filter option.
  • Select the options you wish to view on the product grid by ticking the checkboxes for respective transactions. Below you can find the different details to enable/disable from appearing on the product grid.
    • Transaction ID
    • Order ID
    • Supplier
    • Shipment Fee
    • Created At
    • Marketplace Fee
    • Commission
    • Service Tax
    • Delay Fine
    • Supplier Amount
    • Total price
    • Actions

Export Products

The app lets you download the transaction details by exporting the list in CSV and XLS format.

  • Click on the Export Products button.
  • A dialogue box will open.
  • Click on the Export CSV button to download the .Xlsx or .csv file.

Pending transactions

The app lets you view and approve a pending transaction from the app itself. To view a transaction request detail,

  • Go to the transaction section on the navigation bar.
  • Select the Pending status to view the transactions that are pending.
  • Once on the page, apply filters to find a specific transaction.
  • Now click on the View button adjacent to each transaction to view beneficiary details and transaction details.

Approving a pending transaction,

  • On the transaction section, select the pending tab for the transaction.
  • Find the required transaction by applying the filter, and then use the dropdown option next to the view option available under Action.
  • Now, click on Approve. A dialog box appears asking you to verify your action enquiring Are you sure that you want to approve the transaction? Click on Approve to confirm.
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